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Weiyuan shelves, shelves of Shenzhen 's first brand, Shenzhen Weiyuan shelf factory is a professional light warehouse shelf, medium-sized storage shelves, heavy-duty warehouse shelves customized, supermarket shelves boutique Zhangui production wholesale, Shenzhen warehouse shelf company, founded in 2002, since its establishment, all employees to "life - integrity - Business - friend" guidelines, to" quality, reputation and development parity -" creed. The production of Shenzhen shelf variety, style fashion, ingenious structure, beautiful and durable, convenient assembly and disassembly, random combination, strong load-bearing characteristics. Widely used in supermarkets and department stores, small medium and large warehouses, shopping malls, and convenience stores, libraries, exhibition room, exhibition hall and other fields. Shenzhen shelf factory production shelves new products are supermarket shelves, storage shelves, all kinds of storage shelves, angle steel shelves, shelves variety, chrome shelves, shelf boutique, boutique Zhangui production, display samples, shopping cart, shopping basket, promotional vehicles, promotional planes, cashier, carts, bookshelf, CD audio frame X, magazine rack, display rack, advertisement frame, stainless steel shelves.[more]

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